Am I Running Linux? Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Am I Running Linux?, which consists of a Web site and an Android app. As they are free software and thus can be modified by anyone, this policy only applies to the official distributions:

Web site:

Android app:

Note: “Server” in this context does not include other virtual machines on a virtual machine host.

This privacy policy is a supplement to my main privacy policy, which contains some important information not included here. This privacy policy overrides that one in case of any conflicts.

Source code

All parts of Am I Running Linux? are free software; therefore, YOU or someone you trust can verify everything this privacy policy says about Am I Running Linux? by viewing the source code for the Web site or app:

This is the most important part of the privacy policy.

Note that this privacy policy makes no guarantees about how your information is used by other Web sites or entities. Also, if you use a non-free Web browser or operating system to visit or run Am I Running Linux? or to view, modify, or share its source code, no guarantees can be made about what such non-free software may do.

For maximum privacy, use only free software whenever possible.

Information collected

Am I Running Linux? does not intentionally collect any personal information from people of any age.

Am I Running Linux? collects your browser’s user agent string in order to try to determine whether you are running Linux. Your user agent string is not stored by me. Note that if you have a unique enough user agent string, that could theoretically be used to identify you even though it doesn’t technically contain personal information.

Your browser will also send your IP address, which could be used to guess your geographical location, but Am I Running Linux? ignores it.

Your user agent string and IP address could be stored by my hosting providers, who are listed in my main privacy policy.

Social platforms

Am I Running Linux? contains links to share the site/app via various social networking or social news platforms. See their privacy policies for details on how they may use your information. Most of their privacy practices CAN NOT be verified because they are not free software.

App permissions

The Android app uses the following permission:


If you believe that any part of Am I Running Linux? is behaving in a way that is contrary to this privacy policy, please contact the developer at support AT s DOT zeid DOT me or file a bug report on the relevant project.


The history of this privacy policy may be viewed at